Photo of Monica Wilson Dozier

Monica Dozier has significant experience with utility-scale energy developers and contractors, including drafting and negotiation of EPC agreements and subcontracts for utility-scale projects around the world. She works with clients to tailor agreements to these projects according to specific risk assessments, coordinating risk assumption among parties upstream and downstream. She also advises clients in project management decisions and managing claim procedures with the goal of avoiding litigation. Monica reviews and assists clients across the nation in code compliance (including contractor, engineering and other trade licensing). Over the past several years, Monica has developed and led client-focused seminars at project sites with materials developed using the client’s contracts as the “textbook.” View articles by Monica.

As more Americans install photovoltaic power generation and storage systems on their homes, journalists have reported incidents of alleged fraud and other forms of misconduct by solar system installers, finance companies, and other related parties. The media attention has correlated directly with an increase in press releases, investigations, and even lawsuits by attorneys general and

Whether a solar system is a “fixture” sounds like a mundane legal issue – but it has significant implications for the residential solar industry and for the financing of residential solar systems. If a system is regarded as a “fixture” of the house to which it is attached, then the enforceability and priority of the